Domestic Cleaning

Domestic (regular) cleaning involves cleaning of your home, apartment or place of residence. You can choose from a once-off clean to regular cleaning options (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly).

Domestic (regular) cleaning includes:

  • Bedrooms: wipe down mirrors, empty bins, hoover and mop the floor (if applicable… i.e., no carpets), wipe all skirtings, and dust reachable surfaces.

  • Bathrooms: sanitize/disinfect all surfaces, cleaning of the shower and/or bathtub, sanitize and cleaning of the toilet, cleaning and polishing mirrors, mopping the floor, empty bins.

  • Kitchen: wiping down and disinfecting all reachable surfaces, clean/wipe-down microwave, cleaning of hobs and splash-back, hoover and/or mop floor, empty bins, wipe all skirtings.

  • Living room: wiping down, polishing surfaces, wipe all furniture, hoover and/or mop the floor, clean skirtings and empty bins.

  • Passageways/staircase/Hallways: dusting and wiping down reachable surfaces, clean skirtings, hoover and/or mop the floor.

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End-of-Tenancy Cleaning

End of tenancy cleaning ensures that the post-rental condition of the property meets your landlord's expectations. 

End-of-tenancy cleaning includes:

*Appliances are all selectable at an additional cost


  • Dishwasher: spray and scrub mildew, grime, and food deposits, check filters, clean the soap dispenser drawer.

  • Washing machine: Wiping down the inside and outside of the machine, check and clean the rubber seal, clean the dispenser drawer with detergent.

  • Fridge: remove grime, mildew, and food splatters. Wipe the door handles, clean the rubber seal and the top of the fridge.

  • Freezer: clean the inside and outside of the freezer and wipe door handles.

  • Microwave: clean the inside and outside, inside plate and handle.

  • Tumble Dryer: clean dust and lint filters, check handles and rubber seal.

  • Oven Cleaning: spray, scrub and degrease oven, hob and grill, grill pan and oven racks, inner top of the oven. Wipe and clean the rubber seal.

  • Oven Extractor fan: Degrese and scrub clean.

  • Cabinets: cleaning inside and outside kitchen cabinets.

  • Rubbish bin: empty and clean the bin.

  • Sink: clean, scrub and wipe down.

  • Floors: hoover and mop the floors.


  • Floors: hoover and mop floors.

  • Fixtures: wipe down and clean all bathroom fixtures (taps and fittings).

  • Bath, shower, toilet and sink and soap dispenser: Spray, scrub and clean, remove any hair around the drainage, remove all limescale, wipe down and clean tiles.

  • Mirrors and other glass: clean and polish all mirrors and glass items.

  • Extractor fans: clean and wipe down the extractor fans from dust and dirt.

  • Pipework and plumbing: clean and wipe down behind the toilet if accessible.


  • Doors: Wipe the top of all doors and door frames.

  • Windows: Clean windows from inside, wipe down windowsills, and remove fingerprints.

  • Curtains: (if applicable) shake and dust down curtains.

  • Ceiling fans: Dust down and wipe ceiling fans and other light fixtures if necessary.

  • Walls: dust and remove cobwebs, wipe down where necessary. Also clean all switches and sockets.

  • Mirrors and décor: wipe down and clean dust from mirrors, pictures, and top of the picture frames.

Please note that furniture should already be removed from the residence.

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Deep Cleaning

Let us spruce up your home from top to bottom.

Deep-cleaning includes:


*Appliances are all selectable at an additional cost for the interior.

  • clean and disinfect the bin

  • clean outside of all appliances

  • clean kitchen cabinets and drawers. (outside)

  • clean sink and taps to remove any limescale

  • deep clean cabinet doors and unit fronts

  • deep clean floors

  • disinfect door handles and light switches


  • clean dust throughout

  • clean walls to remove obvious marks

  • wipe skirting boards

  • clean and disinfect light switches and door handles

  • remove all dust from top to bottom

  • dust and wipe the table and wipe down all chairs, including legs

  • remove rugs, shake, vacuum and clean floor before replacing rug


  • clean light switches and door handles.

  • clean toothbrush holders inside thoroughly

  • clean mirrors

  • clean shower 

  • clean shower glass screens to remove marks and limescale

  • mop and scrub floors.

  • deep clean toilets

  • deep clean bathtub and taps

  • clean walls and wall tiles thoroughly

  • clean and empty toilet bins

  • clean bathroom extractor fan.

  • clean shower head 

  • wipe cabinets and drawers.(outside)


  • wipe skirting boards

  • dust and clean windowsills.

  • dust and polish all furniture.

  • dust edges of wall hangings, mirrors, and pictures

  • clean glass and mirrors to leave streak free

  • dust lamps and lampshades

  • dust ceiling fan if present

  • clean light switches and door handles

  • clean door frames

  • clean under the bed.

  • clean bed frame including headboard

  • vacuum carpet, including edges and under furniture

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